About Us

We exist for two main reasons:  To provide an environmentally-friendly way to protect one of your most prized assets and do it with much more value added than the competition.

We've all seen it; Detailing companies charging very high rates for the same service you could do on your own for much less cost.  What are you paying for then?  That mark-up for convenience?  We find that absurd.  We have a passion for this service we know we do very well.  That passion drives us to provide those services to others with a process that we have perfected over time.  We provide the service at a great cost to you by making that process highly efficient and we pass down those savings to you, the customer, where it belongs.

Our promise to you is we will ALWAYS strive to ensure that our prices never raise, that we can successfully offer benefits to our customers without driving prices through the roof.  Demand the same from any company you work with by shopping around for a company who works like we do:  Lower costs not to make a greater profit...to provide cost savings to the customer!


Our eco-friendly, effective, safe, and restorative process for your vehicle will guarantee a great look, great protection, and knowing you are doing a great service to protect from staggering environmental impact.  To protect your vehicle, you need to keep it clean.  If you lower the environmental impact by just not washing it, you will pay for it at an even greater rate and cost to the environment.  We have the best option for both your vehicle and our Earth.

We do not over charge for services.  A few options exist outside of the "norm", so-to-speak, but the major services you are usually charged greater for are ALL included in our services.  Don't let the nickel-and-dime style make it financially preventative to protect your investment.